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25 fri oct 2013



Sensation is the world’s leading dance phenomena, which was initiated in Amsterdam in 2000 and has since toured the world with more than 90 shows in 20 countries. The all-white dress code, carefully selected DJ's that play the music of today and tomorrow, theatrical shows, pyro and laser techniques all
contribute to Sensation's unique style; an overpowering, surprising and unforgettable night.

Sensation will present to U.S. audiences “The Ocean Of White,” which premiered in Amsterdam, toured all over the world. With “The Ocean of White” the arena is transformed into a water world full of mysteries of the unexplored. All of us become part of a greater universe. This wondrous world of nocturnal sea life offers innumerous possibilities. Acrobats shoot from the ceiling, giant jellyfish hover above the dance floor, as dj’s guide the crowd through uncharted waters of mesmerizing grooves and melodies.

Location: Barclays Center

Time: 8 PM

Dates: October 25 & 26, 2013