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WWII at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

06 Sun Apr 2014

WWII at the Brooklyn Navy Yard

The Can-Do Yard

The former shipbuilding center is experiencing a renaissance of sorts, thanks to a renewed interest in its history (BLDG 92, a museum devoted to the topic, opened on-site in 2011), as well as an influx of businesses to the yard. This tour examines its significance during World War II, when more than 70,000 people were estimated to have worked at the space (hence the nickname “the can-do yard”). Two significant vessels were built at the Navy Yard: the USS Arizona, which sank during the attack on Pearl Harbor, and the USS Missouri, aboard which the Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed in 1945.

Time: 11 AM

Price: $30, free for WWII veterans

Location: BLDG 92, 63 Flushing Ave, at Carlton Ave, Brooklyn, NY