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Governor's Island

25 Sat May 2013

Governor's Island

No summer in New York is complete without a trip to Governors Island, the car-free oasis in Upper New York Bay.  Hop on the free ferry from Manhattan and check out the best things to do this summer!

A seven-minute ride on a free ferry takes you to this seasonal island sanctuary, a scant 800 yards from lower Manhattan. Thanks to its strategic position in the middle of New York Harbor, Governors Island was a military outpost and off-limits to the public for 200 years. It finally opened to summer visitors in 2006. The verdant, 172-acre isle still retains a significant chunk of its military-era architecture, including Fort Jay, started in 1776, and Castle Williams, which was completed in 1812 and used as a prison. The 22-acre area containing the forts and historical officers’ residences is now a national landmark. Today, the island is jointly run by the city, the state and the National Park Service, and it provides a peaceful setting for cycling (bring a bike on the ferry, or rent from Bike and Roll once there). The island hosts a program of events, such as concert series and art exhibitions (see website for schedule), and where else can you have a picnic directly across from the Statue of Liberty?

Governors Island
New York
Opening hours:
Sat, Sun, holiday Mon 10am–7pm.

May 25–Sept 30, 2012