ࡱ> =?<{ bjbjzz 4(&&&&&::::<v :sss$R&sssss&&s^&&sYK( o08&/@sssssssssssssssssssssss : NEW YORK CITY HOTELS UNITE FOR LAUNCH OF NEW HOTEL BRAND, TRIUMPH HOTELS Six distinct properties with unique experiences and notable neighborhoods will offer guests the key to New York City. New York (February 13, 2014) The Iroquois New York, Hotel Chandler, Hotel Belleclaire, The Cosmopolitan, The Gershwin and The Washington Jefferson have come together to form a new, New York City hotel brand, Triumph Hotels. Family-owned and operated since 1951, Triumph owns and manages six iconic hotels in New York City. Triumph now has a stronghold in one of the most visited cities in the world, with 460,000 square feet and nearly 1,000 rooms in its portfolio, having invested $50 million to renovate and refresh historic buildings over the last several years. In the coming year alone, in addition to seeking opportunities to add new hotels to the brand, Triumph will introduce a number of initiatives and programs to enhance the guest experience, including the roll out of a brand loyalty program, rewarding guests for stays at any of the properties; growing the number of packages and promotions to be offered brand-wide; and increasing the amount of meeting and event space. With a growing focus on the food and beverage experience, Triumph will continue to look for like-minded partners in the culinary realm and build on the success of Triomphe in The Iroquois and Juni by Michelin-starred Chef Shaun Hergatt in Hotel Chandler. The tri-state based private company is distinct in that it is completely family owned, and succeeds in its ability to maintain the history and character of its hotels while marrying them with modern comforts, which can be seen in its current portfolio: Iroquois New York, Hotel Chandler, Hotel Belleclaire, The Cosmopolitan, The Gershwin and The Washington Jefferson. Through the years, these hotels have played host to a number of famous guests, including Leona Helmsley (Hotel Chandler), James Dean (The Iroquois), and Abraham Lincoln (Cosmopolitan). As a native New Yorker who grew up in the hospitality business, we worked hard to create hotels, and now a brand, that is rich in architecture, history, design, and well-positioned to provide neighborhood-centric experiences, says co-owner Gerald Barad. While the collection of hotels have individual identities, they all offer a one-of-a-kind, service-oriented stay that defines the Triumph brand. As a 21st century company, we developed brand standards that encourage personalization, and of course, are distinctly New York. In celebration of the brand launch, each of Triumphs boutique hotels is offering a Key To New York City package where guests unlock the best of a distinctly New York experience in one of six Manhattan neighborhoods when they book a three night stay. Visit triumphhotels.com to learn more and book today. The current Triumph Hotels offering a Key to New York City are located in the Upper West Side, Theater District, Midtown, NoMad, Flatiron and TriBeCa neighborhoods of New York City. ABOUT TRIUMPH HOTELS From polished Midtown luxury to chic downtown style, Triumph Hotels is a collection of six boutique Manhattan hotels each offering a distinct take on the city experience. The Iroquois New York, Hotel Chandler, Hotel Belleclaire, The Cosmopolitan, The Gershwin and The Washington Jefferson showcase history, architecture, design, service, and notable neighborhood locations. With complimentary wi-fi, in-the-know staff, and accommodations ideal for couples, families, business travelers and groups, guests will find exactly what theyre looking for when Triumph Hotels welcome them to New York City. Learn more about the carefully curated collection of hotels at HYPERLINK "http://www.triumphhotels.com"triumphhotels.com. 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